Sales Awards

The Allen Company

-3x “Sales Rep of the Year”

– “Rep Group of the Year”

Hatsan USA
– 3x “Rep Group of the Year”

– “Sales Rep of the Year”

Grabber Warmers 
– x7 “Salesmen of the Year”
– x4 “Rep Group of the Year”
– x3  “Targeted Product Master”
– x2
 “New Account Champions”
– x“Complete Line Champions”

The Coleman Company 
– “Sales Agency of the year”
– “Representative of the year”

Current Lines Represented

The Allen Company
Gun Cases, Misc. Hunting Equipment

Sport Optics & Accessories

Blue Line Solutions
Tactical/Long Guns

Bullet Weights
Fishing Sinkers

CheyTac USA
Firearms, Ammunition, Gear

The Coleman Company
Flotation, Camping Equipment

Escort Shotguns

Gear & 
Protective Cases

Fisherman’s Eyewear
Polarized Fishing Glasses

Grabber Warmers
Oxygen Activated Warmers

Hatsan USA
Air Guns

Glove & Headwear

Sport Optics

Orion Signal
Signal Safety Equipment

Hunting Equipment

Quaker Boy
Game Calls

Rivers West
Outdoor Apparel

Discreet Carry Handguns & Pivot Rifle

Utica USA
Knives & Cutlery

Wise Boat Seats / Outdoors
Boat Seats & Hunting Accessories 

White Gold
Deer Attractants