Sales Awards

The Allen Company

– x3 “Sales Rep of the Year”
– “Rep Group of the Year”

Hatsan USA
– x2 “Rep Group of the Year”

Grabber Warmers 
– x7 “Salesmen of the Year”
– x4 “Rep Group of the Year”
– x3  “Targeted Product Master”
– x2
 “New Account Champions”
– x“Complete Line Champions”

The Coleman Company 
– “Sales Agency of the year”
– “Representative of the year”

Maurice Sporting Goods 
– “Manufacturers Representative of the Year”

Current Represented Lines

The Allen Company
Gun Cases, Misc. Hunting Equipment

ARCUS Hunting (Tink’s /Dead Down Wind)
Hunting Scents, Attractants & Scent Control

Bagley Baits
Manufacturer of Hard Baits

Sport Optics and Accessories

Jobsite Brands
Footwear Accessories

Bullet Weights
Fishing Sinkers

The Coleman Company
Flotation, Camping Equipment

Fisherman’s Eyewear
Polarized Fishing Glasses

Grabber Warmers
Oxygen Activated Warmers

Hatsan USA
Air Guns

Kutmaster Knives

Escort Shotguns

Mojo Sportswear
Performance Apparel

Glove & Headwear

Sport Optics

Hunting Equipment

Orion Signal
Signal Safety Equipment

Quaker Boy
Game Calls

Rivers West
Outdoor Apparel

Wise Boat Seats / Outdoors
Boat Seats & Hunting Accessories